What LinkedIn Data Can Be Extracted From a LinkedIn Profile?

What Data Can You Pull From a LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn is an incredible source of professional people and company data that can power your data science projects, sales growth, lead generation marketing campaigns, research, and more. 

Today, I want to talk about the best and most efficient LinkedIn Data Scraper to get LinkedIn data and what data you can scrape by using LinkedIn Scraper software. Normally, a LinkedIn Profile Extractor can extract all the publicly available data from a LinkedIn profile such as email address, phone number, current job, business website, social media links, and much more.

Why Are Ready-Made LinkedIn Scraping Tools The Best?

If you are thinking to developing your own LinkedIn Scraper software then you have to hire a programmer for that purpose if you are not a coder. For this, you need an expert programmer. A programmer will build a LinkedIn Scraper in weeks or months. But, when your LinkedIn Scraper is ready in two to three months and you are ready to use this.

If you face a problem in the first week you have to contact the programmer again to solve your problem. In other words you are fully dependent on the programmer. Maybe, he charges money to solve this problem. But you don’t need to pay programmers to build a LinkedIn scraper while you can get all the data by using an already made LinkedIn scraping tool.

Ready-Made LinkedIn scraper all the features that you need like data extraction, data export, etc. Moreover, companies provide free customer support if you face any problem.

What Are The Best LinkedIn Scraping Tools To Pull Complete Data From LinkedIn?

There are two LinkedIn data extraction tools that provide fresh and quality data from LinkedIn at affordable prices in CSV, Excel, and Text files.

  1. LinkedIn Company Extractor

LinkedIn Business Leads Extractor works like a real user that allows both technical and non-technical users to find and extract business leads data from LinkedIn.

Features And Benefits Of LinkedIn Company Extractor

1.     LinkedIn Company Scraper takes LinkedIn profile URL as an input and returns the full LinkedIn profile data in a parsed and structured format.

2.     100 times fast data extraction than a human and 100% quality

3.     Provide data in CSV, Excel, and Text files for easy use

4.     LinkedIn Search Export can find data by industry type, seniority level, and more to find a pool of relevant profiles from LinkedIn. LinkedIn Crawler also allows users to:

  1. Search for current/past employees of a particular company
  2. Search for professional profiles of a particular country, city, or state
  3. Search for profiles based on First Name and Last Name
  4. LinkedIn Lead Extractor

When it comes to LinkedIn profile scraping, LinkedIn Profile Scraper offers the only real-time profile search functionality which immediately increases the possible use cases. Its customer service and tech support is also a standout feature amongst other solutions.

Features And Benefits Of LinkedIn Leads Extractor

  • LinkedIn Profile Finder that uses LinkedIn profile URLs as an input to return back structured LinkedIn profile data
  • Use LinkedIn Data Export Tool for exporting data from LinkedIn search results.
  • Deliver data in different output formats such as Excel, CSV, and, Text files.
  • Risk-free and coding-free LinkedIn scraper to get bulk profiles data from LinkedIn.
  • You can also search for data by username and zip code.

Final Words:

Choosing a third-party LinkedIn scraping tool versus an in-house LinkedIn scraper is a little bit difficult but by using these LinkedIn Lead Generation Tools you will be able to save your valuable time and money wasted in trying to build your own LinkedIn scraper.