What Is DA PA and how to Increase it

Domain authority and page authority are the two terms creating a lot of buzz on the internet. Every now and then, you see blog posts wrangling about the methods to increase the DA PA of a website.

Among a whole lot of SEO factors, they appear to be the most crucial ones in predicting your website’s ranking.

Before diving into the ins outs of DA, let’s first define both terms to develop a general understanding.

What are DA and PA?

DA or domain authority is a metric created by Moz, to assess and predict the estimated ranking of your website.

Moz created a score for that purpose called the DA score ranging from 1 to 100.

Similarly, PA stands for page authority. Just like DA, PA tells about the authority of an individual page of a website.

Mostly a single page gets ranked on the internet and it helps the website appear in the search results. Therefore, page authority is a vital metric to judge where you stand among your competitors.

Is domain authority a Google ranking factor?

There has been a handful of discussions about DA score’s credibility and use for webmasters to track down their website’s performance, yet the main idea remains shrouded in mystery.

Google’s John Muller had clearly asserted that DA isn’t used by Google.  If we take his word at face value then DA seems useless.

However, the subsequent experience and the working mechanism tell a different story. As a matter of fact, Moz has also said the same that DA isn’t a ranking factor.

With that said, it does not mean you can’t take advantage of domain authority in our online presence.

 It least predicts your website’s ranking position and gives you a general idea of where you stand in a tight competition.

This takes you to think about the reliability of domain authority.

How reliable is the DA score of your website?

Google has a very complex mechanism to gauge your website’s credibility. It takes into account almost 200 ranking factors to rank your website.

On the other hand, the Moz DA metric only focuses on 40 of these ranking factors. Thus as compared to Google, it seems less credible.

Yet, you cannot deny it fully because it focuses on the key ranking factors of Google such as:

  1. Number of linking domains
  2. Quality of backlinks
  3. Social signals

Now you may know how crucial are backlinks for your website’s sustained position in SERPs. They boost your credibility because the linking websites refer to your content as authoritative.

In this point of view, you can say that domain authority has a say in your website’s ranking. Therefore, you should not discard it wholly.

There are several tools that help to check your DA score. You can use them to know where you stand.

Moreover, an ahrefs study has shown that domain authority has a correlation with SERP ranking.

Lastly, Domain authority scores are reliable and they must be taken into account for better competition.

How to increase your website’s DA score?

Create a strong link profile:

As DA score depends upon the quality of backlinks as well as their number, you should focus on your website’s Off-page SEO.

You need to get good backlinks as well as remove bad links from your content. For this purpose, you need to develop a proactive approach to analyze the linked websites.

Once you get a backlink, analyze the website’s credibility by checking out its traffic, content relevancy, and its ranked keywords.

If the links are not relevant, or that website’s content is ranked on some irrelevant keyword, you must remove such links immediately.

Use the Google disavow tool to remove these links or add a nofollow tag on them.

On the other hand, you can improve your website’s Da score by outreaching webmasters. The world of the internet necessitates you to collaborate and cooperate to achieve common goals.

Therefore, you can do guest posting and ask webmasters to link to your content.

Moreover, good quality content always gets natural backlinks without outreaching. Consider favorite content creators whom you read to get useful insights.

In the same way, people connect to the website having useful and authoritative content. Therefore, create unique content to get natural backlinks.

 In this way, you can set your linking profile to increase DA and PA. Besides, strong link profile it’s a good practice to check DA score from time to time with an online tool like Moz.

Optimize your content:

On-page SEO is the backbone of your content creation strategies because it ranks your website easily. You can even rank your content by dint of content optimization, as content is considered the king.

To make it practical, crate engaging titles and meta descriptions. Add internal links to keep your readers on your website. Likewise, you should enhance the user experience by writing exceptional content.

Last but not the least, you must avoid keyword stuffing. Adding images also lures the user to remain on your website.

Final words:

SEO is no less than a big sea of different techniques, regarding your website’s ranking.

Out of which, domain authority is the one that makes your SEO journey scalable and helps you tweak your content strategies to meet the demanding goals.

By knowing your position concerning your competitor, you get to know how much effort you have to put to outrank it.