What is Apple search engine And its ranking factor?

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Apple is currently working on developing its own Apple Search Engine that will replace Google in all of its popular products, according to a report given by the Financial Times.

Currently, Google pays Apple approx $10 billion per year to be the default search engine on the iPhone and iPad. The amount reportedly accounts for 20 per cent of Apple’s Services revenue. The year is about to come to an end and so is the deal, which might not be extended, due to a reported antitrust case against Google by the US Department of Justice regarding this deal.

Apple already has the technology and resources to develop a search engine, as it was seen using its own web crawler to document the internet, back in 2014. Apple confirmed the existence of the web crawler, that is called the Applebot in 2015. According to the data given by the report, the company has allegedly increased its web crawling rate substantially. Another hint of Apple bypassing Google can be found within iOS 14’s home screen search feature, which now links to websites directly, instead of taking its users to Google search engine.

Till now, it is not claer, on how Apple plans to bring its own search engine to life. Some reports claim that it will be a competitor to Google and will have its own website and app for phones. Whereas, other reports state that it will just be a feature given to its users to enhance Spotlight on iOS, iPadOS and macOS devices globally.

One of the main reasons behind Apple creating a search engine is the company’s strong privacy stance and its stance against ad-funded services. However, if it were to develop a search engine, it would have to focus on advertisements to recoup the amount Google used to pay it every year for being bydefault search engine.

Here’s 4 ways Apple take benefit from launching the Apple search engine:

  • Create a new profit stream
  • Gain independence from other search engine that is available in the market.
  • The monopoly of Google will be ended on search engine.
  • Provide a better user experience to iDevice users

What is Apple SEO?

Apple SEO is the practice and art of optimizing web pages to get top search results in Apple’s search engine. And the launch of a new Apple search engine would, I believe, make a new Apple SEO(search engine optimization) arms race in the search engine optimization industry. SEO strategies over the years have been based on how the Google’s algorithms have ranked pages in the search engine.

The launch of a Apple search engine that could have an impact on Google’s search engine position in the market and after that you can see major changes in the SEO industry.

Already other search engines introduced in the market before, why is Apple’s search engine such a big deal?. Apple’s search engine have a significant impact because of the Apple’s dominance in the mobile device market.

What Should You Do as a Internet Marketer?

Being an SEO(search engine optimization) expert or digital marketer, you probably have your ear on the ground for any changes that may affect the SEO landscape and many of people wondering if you should be worried about the possible launch of a search engine by Apple.

apple search engine

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Because the launch of a search engine by Apple is hypothetical, it is difficult to speculate about what changes it would bring to the practice of SEO Industry. And keep eye on what changes occurs in the search engine optimization Industry.

What is the Ranking Factors in Apple search Engine?

  • Design characteristics of web pages
  • Quality and number of links from other pages to a webpage, like as google ranking factor.
  • Location of the user
  • Overall user engagement with results
  • Matching and relevancy of search terms to web page content

These factors are similar to those used by Google and other search engines.

Therefore sticking to current search optimization strategies would be beneficial for digital marketers even after the launch of Apple’s search engine because apple search engine ranking factor is the same as google search engine and other search engine that is available in the market.

Currently Engagement is one of Apple’s most important ranking factors and is only set to become even more important with time to time.

It is likely that the SEO experts and digital marketers will discover new opportunities after the launch of apple search engine, that currently aren’t possible with Google or other modern search engines. It is important for SEOs to keep a eye on the performance of their content once the Apple search engine is launched.

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