Tubebuddy Review

If you’re looking for a paid video optimization tool, consider TubeBuddy. The free version offers the most basic features, while its paid packages offer a more extensive list of features.

Regardless of which option you choose, however, you’ll find a lot of useful advice and actionable advice for your YouTube channel. It’s worth reading our TubeBuddy Review to learn more about this popular marketing tool. There’s no need to spend a ton of time on it.

Tubebuddy Review

TubeBuddy’s premium plans offer several features for a modest price. It allows you to add the name of a commenter in shortcodes. It also offers one canned response for free. The main feature is a quick access bar to easily switch between multiple videos.

It also offers keyword suggestions, which are particularly helpful if you’re new to video marketing. The free plan allows you to select up to three keywords per suggestion.

Tubebuddy Review

Another feature that makes TubeBuddy stand out is its ability to help you find long tail keywords, which are essential for video ranking. Not only can it help you with this, but it can also help you find the best converting keywords.

It’s also possible to create playlists that are ordered by watch time, number of subscribers gained, and viewer engagement. You can even use randomization to make your playlists as unique as possible.

This powerful feature is also available on the free version. This feature lets you see a scorecard that allows you to analyze which keywords are best for your channel. In addition to this, the app has a scorecard feature that makes it easy to track the performance of your videos. Depending on your needs, the premium version may be the best choice. But if you’re not sure about investing in this tool, it’s worth a try. You’ll be glad you did.

TubeBuddy is a handy tool that helps you grow your YouTube channel. It can help you identify “Made for kids” videos and prevent any of them from showing on your channel. You can also use it to add subtitles to your videos.

Moreover, you can create multiple upload profiles with TubeBuddy. You can customize the emojis you use to differentiate your content. The quick links menu helps you navigate through your videos with ease.

TubeBuddy is a popular tool for translation and subtitles of videos. Besides that, it also helps you to make your YouTube channel searchable and discover new viewers. Its free extension offers a free browser extension that you can use to translate videos and subtitles.

In addition, it has a large number of tools to help you promote your videos. By adding your videos to your channel, you’ll attract more viewers and make your video more attractive to viewers.

What Is Tubebuddy?

As an online video publisher, you may be wondering if TubeBuddy is worth the money. This plugin is a great choice if you are interested in monetizing your YouTube videos. It can help you with demonetization by translating your videos’ title and description.

It can also provide you with insights into your competitors’ videos and help you backup your channel’s metadata. However, before you start using TubeBuddy, you should consider the free trial.

This software is free to use, but there are paid plans as well. It also has a free version, so you can check out the product before investing in it. Its customer support team is responsive and has a forum of successful YouTubers.

Its free version is great for beginners and anyone who wants to try the platform before investing in a paid plan. The premium plans give you access to more advanced features and resources, and the paid plans include a variety of features that can help you maximize your channel’s potential.

If you are new to YouTube, TubeBuddy is a great place to start. It offers various features that make it easier to optimize your YouTube videos. Its main feature allows you to schedule your videos, delete them from your playlists, and compare your video channels.

If you are a first-time buyer, it will also save you money by offering you an annual upgrade. You can also check out the different price plans and features of different programs.

TubeBuddys Features

Among the many features available for your YouTube videos, TubeBuddy’s advanced video analysis tool can help you boost your video’s exposure and improve your SEO rankings. It helps you improve your title, thumbnail, description, tags, and thumbnail for better traffic and viewer engagement.

You can implement video a/b testing on your videos to learn which style of title attracts the most viewers and increases their chances of watching your videos.

With the bulk processing feature, you can bulk edit your video’s title, thumbnail, and description text. Using the find and replace method, TubeBuddy can automatically check your tags, titles, and descriptions.

This way, you can avoid wasting time and effort on tedious tasks. Additionally, you can also backup your metadata and use it for future updates. It’s easy to get started with TubeBuddy! But before you dive into its features, read our review of the best features of the popular tool below.

If you want to use TubeBuddy for your YouTube channel, you’ll enjoy its many other features. Its tag browser resembles Google Keyword Planner and helps you research the right tags for your videos.

Since tags play an important role in your video’s ranking, finding the right tags is essential for its success. Moreover, you can share your videos on Facebook through TubeBuddy, which shares them as native Facebook videos.

Tubebuddy Extension For Chrome

The TubeBuddy extension for Chrome works on any YouTube video. It displays the number of views, tags used and more on the right side of the video. This information can be useful in improving your videos.

If you aren’t sure how to use it, here are some tips: 1. Sign in to your YouTube account first. 2. Go to the web store of your browser and search for TubeBuddy. You should see an icon called TubeBuddy on the right side.

To install TubeBuddy, you have to visit the official website. In the Chrome Web Store, search for TubeBuddy and click the install button. Then, click the “Add to Chrome” button to download the extension.

After downloading the extension, you must restart Google Internet Explorer or Firefox. Now, you should be able to use it. When you’re browsing YouTube, you’ll see a new menu at the top right corner of the screen.

Now that you’ve installed the extension, all you need to do is visit the TubeBuddy website and click the “Install on Chrome” button. It’s really easy to install this extension. All you have to do is search for TubeBuddy in the Chrome Web Store, then click on the install button.

The installation process is simple. All you have to do is confirm the installation, then restart your browser. After a few seconds, you’ll see the TubeBuddy menu on the top right corner of YouTube.

Tubebuddy Pros And Cons

If you’re a beginner or just trying to get your YouTube channel noticed, you can use TubeBuddy to gauge the popularity of your videos. You can search for other content similar to yours and create thumbnails that are unique to your channel. This will help you gauge how popular your content is.

This website also offers templates for your video thumbnails, so you can easily create unique ones for your video. There are also some disadvantages to TubeBuddy, which you should be aware of.

Another downside is that the tool is not free. The cost is too high for the service, and you will have to pay a monthly subscription to access its features. This software is great for the cheapest plan, but it won’t be suitable for everyone.

If you’re a pro in YouTube marketing, TubeBuddy will help you get more views on your videos. If you have a lot of videos, you can even pay a monthly fee that will help you grow your channel.

Besides its free plan, TubeBuddy is a useful tool for YouTubers. It can help you translate your video description and title, and you can view competitor videos to determine what they’re doing wrong.

It can also back up the metadata of your channel, which is helpful if you need to make changes on a regular basis. However, if you don’t have the time to do this, it’s not a good option.


As a pro YouTuber, you will find a lot of benefits in using TubeBuddy. It can help you with demonetization, help you translate video titles and descriptions, and give you insights into competitors. Lastly, it can backup your channel metadata, so you can use it in future.

Considering the numerous benefits that TubeBuddy provides, you should definitely consider buying it for your channel. But before you buy it, here’s a conclusion for buying it.