Top Nine FAQs about the Reseller Web Hosting

Reselling web hosting services are mostly preferred web hosting solutions for users who want to start their hosting business. That means starting your own web hosting company under your own brand name!

By opting for cheap reseller hosting service users can expand their network and presence by serving hosting services to clients. However, accomplishing this task comes with many doubts.

As a newbie, you might have several questions during signing up for reseller hosting with WHMCS. No worries, we will guide you better and answer the nine most popular FAQs regarding the same. Just keep reading and check whether you have such queries or not?

Nine Popular FAQs About Reseller Web Hosting Services

1.     What is meant by reseller hosting?

The word ‘reseller’ itself denotes that users purchase reseller web hosting plans from web hosting providers and further sell them to clients. This is a good option for web designers, developers or entrepreneurs who want to sell hosting services to clients and earn a good income. 

As we all know, web hosting is a complicated task.  It requires a hosting infrastructure of servers, IT team, and technical expertise to manage hosting accounts.

After all, end-users always look for a smooth browsing experience. Hence, always choose a reliable web hosting provider that offers managed support, reseller hosting plans for multiple requirements, and optimal server resources at the best price points.

2.     How can I Become a Reseller?

The very first question that many interested users of resellers have is how do I become a reseller?

For the same, you need to find a reliable and trusted web hosting provider like MilesWeb. Visit their official site and find your best reseller web hosting plans.

Remember you should always figure out essential reseller hosting configurations and resources before signing up for the plan. They have reseller hosting plans starting at $4.2/m. To make your task easier, a 24×7 contact team is also available to address your concerns.

3.     Why Do I Require Reseller Hosting Plans?

Reseller web hosting plans are a great exposure to generate additional revenue through providing web hosting services to users. By choosing reseller web hosting plans, you will learn about the following things:

  • Selling a product
  • Advertising services
  • Running a business through specific models
  • And more

If you own a business and have various products under your brand, adding reseller web hosting services to your list will yield a productive outcome. Reseller users will get exposure to more business opportunities and generate additional income to maximize their revenue. That’s how good reseller web hosting plans are.

4.     How Much do I need to pay for reseller hosting plans?

This query is a bit tricky because the cost factor varies from one web hosting provider to another. If one offers you $20 per month, the other might give less price quotations. Therefore, choosing a highly-rated MilesWeb as your reseller web hosting provider is recommended. They offer reseller web hosting services at $4.2.

In the below image, you can take an overview of their reseller web hosting plans.


This plan has different configurations and server resources required to host multiple websites . Moreover, this cost will also cover 24×7 managed server support to rectify technical glitches.

5.     How Much Profit Can I Gain?

Profit margins are all dependent on the service charge that you will receive from your clients. There is no specific margin percentage. Introduce different pricing models to generate additional income and profits.

6.     Do I Require My Domain Name?

Being a reseller web hosting user, you require a domain name to build the company’s identity. Till now, if you haven’t registered for the same, MilesWeb also offers domain registration plans with annual registrations. Pay a nominal amount and register your website domain for a year at least. It will help your clients recall your brand name easily.

7.     How Will I Create My Own Packages and Prices?

Reseller web hosting managers develop or manage hosting account packages using WHM and use WHMCS for the billing purpose. By using both of them, users can create their own price packages of web hosting services.

Will I Succeed as a Reseller?

Now, let us discuss something more about your probability of success as a reseller. Like any business, you need to invest some effort and pay attention to your marketing gimmicks. Make sure you get profitable results at the same time. For that purpose, you need to research your business and marketing strategy. If you are able to make more customers, you will get successful results.

8.     How to Begin?

There is no specific time to sign up for reseller web hosting services. Users can sign up for reseller web hosting plans anytime and start their hosting journey with a simple setup process.

Final Thoughts

So far, we have discussed nine popular FAQs that are important for you to know when choosing reseller web hosting plans. In a nutshell, we only want to recommend that you prefer a reliable web hosting provider that offers optimal services and advanced features like SSL certifications, fast SSD storage and high-speed connectivity.

If you are looking to start your own web hosting business, sign-up for MilesWeb’s reseller hosting plans today!