Top 10 Greatest Ideas To Secure Your WordPress Blog Website

Everyone is aware of the importance of websites. It matters a lot, especially in our business and marketing. If we talk about WordPress security specifically, you can find it interesting and significant. Google blacklists hundreds and thousands of websites daily that contain malware.

Top 10 Greatest Ideas To Secure Your WordPress Blog Website

A website can protect you from many things but a hacked website can cause serious damage to your website. It causes massive destruction towards your main credential, database and on other administration-sensitive data. Hackers can steal personal user information, instill malicious software and provide harm to your site. By avoiding these, enhancing your WordPress is the best way towards successful business growth and to generate revenue through it.

If you too want to protect your website from hackers or malware. then secure your WordPress website instantly. WordPress is considered the most powerful Content Management System CMS that empowers your website ultimately. In today’s era, everything is related to technology, so is your website. Make it user-friendly and after completing it, install security features to increase its worth. Your website’s market value will double due to its high security.

No matter what position you are in, your WordPress website needs security otherwise it will be hacked. A web development consultant might help you in your web securing process. These companies offer the best ideas on how to protect your WP website.

WordPress security will be terrifying for some people especially for beginners but in actuality, it isn’t! WordPress security doesn’t only mean to eliminate risk factors but it governs to reduce it too. Not everyone can do it easily that is why this tutorial will guide you on how to protect your WordPress website from hackers and malware.

1- Always prepare your backup keys

Hacking is common nowadays. If your website doesn’t have any made then it is possible to get attacked by crackers. Your backups work when something bad happens to you. Your data, important information can be disposed of through backup.

It is an easy way to restore all your data for daily purposes. Send it to the remote website (backup) which you are not hosting. Restoring your data on Amazon, Dropbox, or private clouds like Stash helps you alot as it is recommended by professionals.

Nowadays, Web design and development company in USA work for their clients and bring the best security solutions. is a great WordPress security plugin too.

2- Secure website with strong passwords

Most people can’t remember their passwords but this doesn’t work when you are governing your website. Never select passwords like”123456″ or “abc123”. These passwords are extremely easy to guess by anyone or by a professional. It means that you are giving a hacker a chance to hack your website.

It is crucial to choose a password that is auto-generated and remember it. Your password must be case-sensitive. It must contain upper case, lower case character, special characters like %,^,&, etc.

3- Your login attempts should be limited

WordPress allows users to log in to the website as many times as they want. It is in its default settings. Setting limited login attempts helps your force attackers to get away from it. You can temporarily block for some time when you entered the wrong passwords. You can easily limit your WordPress logins attempts.

4- Disabled file editing

By default, WordPress comes with a file editing feature that allows the user to change their theme and plugin files right from the dashboard. It can be accessed by going into Appearance>Editor. You can find it in another place Plugins>Editor too.

You should turn it off in order to protect your website from malicious attacks. Once any hacker injects subtly, it can affect your WordPress panel. If you want to disable the plugins and themes, then paste the following code in your wp-config.php file.

define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true);

5- Updated version of WordPress

Keeping an updated WordPress website helps you to remain on the trend. Most users can update their website’s version with time. Keep yourself updated in WordPress, it can help you to process your website from malicious activities. It is also necessary to update your plugins and themes at the same time.

Minor updates can be automatically downloaded by WordPress but for major updates, you need to do it by yourself. Go into your WordPress dashboard and click and click on updates.

6- Adding questions for security purposes

Using a question in your WordPress login makes it even harder for any user to get access to your website. You can easily add a security plugin question after installing it. To get access, go to the Settings>Security Questions page to configure the plugin settings.

7- Choose a perfect hosting agency

The best way to secure your website from hacking or from other stuff is to choose a hosting CMS development company that works on your website’s security. Many of the website owners can’t invest too much in their website security that results in bad performance. This can’t be possible without choosing a relevant agency that will work on your website security.

Paying a little bit more pennies makes it all possible. These companies help you to add multiple security layers to your website. In addition, these companies also grant a high boost to your WordPress sites.

8- Use updated themes

WordPress provides its user with both paid and an unpaid bunch of these. But premium themes look more professional and allow more accessibility rather than the free version. Premium themes have been developed by professional WordPress developers who just create them out of the box.

Some sites provide you with nulled or cracked versioned themes. Those themes are illegal and contain malware. Using those on your website may dangerously affect your website login admin credentials or database.

9- Change your WP login Uniform Resource Locators (URL)

WordPress provides their user an originally generated URL that is “”. Leaving your website on default URL may cause brute force to attach to your database management system and affect your website’s credentials.

In this case, you should add a security question or add tight security on your login page to avoid uneasy registrations and subscriptions.

You can also protect your website by adding a two-factor authentication security plugin.

10- Hide WordPress config.php and .htaccess files

Another way to secure your WordPress security is to disable PHP file executions where it is not needed such as /wp-content/uploads/.

If you want good security for your website, then it will be beneficial for you to hide your site’s .htaccess and wp-config.php files to prevent them from being hacked.

Professional recommends you to configure it from a web design company. There are numerous web design and development companies in the USAproviding services all around the globe to protect your website from malfunctions. To avoid these, follow below coding steps below to disable it.

<Files wp-config.php>

order allow, deny

deny from all


A similar method applies to disable your .htaccess file,

<Files .htaccess>

order allow,deny

deny from all


Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, keeping your WordPress secure and up to date must be helpful in your career. It would be fruitful for you if you prefer its security maintained. If you fail to accomplish this, the jacket can easily get inside and hack it. Securing a WordPress website isn’t hard as it doesn’t allow you to spend too much money. Above are some of the best tips on how to secure your website from outside attacks.