Top 3 Paraphrasers That Helps You To Write Unique Content

The use of paraphrasing tools is getting larger in the content writing field. Many professional writers are using online paraphrasers for better content production.

Because content writers have tons of content to write daily and most of the time they have to write multiple contents on the same niche. Which is not an easy task.


Manually writing multiple times on a specific topic make writers confuse because every content must be unique in order to rank on a search engine.

And writers can’t use unique words every time they create content on the same niche. It is practically not possible.

Therefore, writers prefer using a paraphraser tool for creating unique content. Finding a perfect paraphraser tool might not be an easy thing for most of us.

But, we are here to help all the writers and bloggers out there. We have come up with the three most amazing paraphraser tools that will help writers create unique content.

Do you want to know about them?

Keep on reading folks!

3 Recommended Paraphraser Tools In 2022


In our paraphrasing tools checklist, the first tool is from Prepostseo. It is one of the top paraphrasing tools for creating unique and productive content.

image 1


This tool comes with a lot of great features, including:

·       Multiple Language Support

Prepostseo’s paraphrasing tool provides multiple language support. Writers can create content in multiple languages by just selecting their preferable language from the drop-down menu.

It supports more than 10 languages to enhance content productivity because writers are asked to write content in languages other than English.

·       Multiple modes of work

Prepostseo’s paraphrasing tool is best known for its multiple modes of work. It works in three different modes to ensure content uniqueness and productivity.

The modes are:

  • Simple: In this mode, the tool only replaces the words of source text with their accurate synonyms.
  • Advanced: In this mode, users are allowed to replace words with synonyms of their own choice just in case users do not like the automatic replacement of words.
  • Fluency: In this mode, the tool not just paraphrases the content but it fixes all the grammatical mistakes in the content.
  • Creative: In this mode, the tool paraphrases the content and eliminates every single word that is duplicated.

·       Support multiple file format

This paraphrasing tool allows writers to upload files in multiple formats for ease of work. It supports more than five file formats.

Including .txt, .doc, and, .pdf formats. Writers can upload the file directly from their device in any format or from Google Drive, and One Drive.

2.   Rephrase.Info

The next paraphrasing tool on our list is  This is another amazing tool that we find completely great for creating productive content.

This paraphrasing tool works by replacing words with their synonyms without disturbing the original sentence structure.

image 2

From this image, we can understand how this paraphrasing tool works and create unique content by replacing words with their synonyms.


·       Free to use

The first thing that we always consider before using any writing tool is whether it is free to use or not, right?

The good news is, this paraphrasing tool is completely free to use. Now we can use this tool for creating paraphrased content by just solving the reCAPTCHA.

·       No word limit

This paraphrasing tool imposes no word limit for users. This is great because as writers we mostly have to write article between 1000 to 1500 words.

A writing tool, that is free and does not restrict users with the word count is simply the writers’ favorite tool.

·       Check grammar

From the image above, you all can see that this paraphrasing tool did not just rephrase the entire content but it allow writers to make the paraphrased content free of grammatical errors.

Isn’t it great? Now we just have to click on a button and we can make our content clear and accurate by removing underlying grammatical mistakes.

·       Summarize content

This paraphrasing tool allows writers to summarize the paraphrased content in one go. Now writers do not have to read the entire paraphrased content for writing its conclusion.

They just have to click on a ‘Summarize It’ button and the tool will generate a summary of the paraphrased content which they can use as their conclusion.


Although the name of this app may not sound like a paraphraser, it can be used for this purpose. is an all-in-one platform that comes with various text generating tools. It also offers content optimization utilities like plagiarism checking, paraphrasing etc.

Their paraphrasing tool is simple and easy to use, and it comes equipped with some excellent features.

image 3


  • Unique Results

To test how unique the results were, we took some content from a live site and put it through the paraphraser.

We then checked the resultant content with a plagiarism checker and the report showed it as 100% original.

  • Multiple Languages Available

There are 6 different languages that you can choose from the tool window. They include: English, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, German and French.

  • Integrated Plagiarism Checker

After your text is paraphrased, you can use the integrated plagiarism checker to see the percentage of uniqueness and duplication.

Click on the button at the bottom to open the plagiarism checker in a new window.

Should writers consider using paraphrasing tools?

The answer is ‘Yes,’ writers should definitely use paraphrasing tools when they are in need. Because the tools come with a lot of great features to solve writer’s problems.

With these tools, writers can save ample time and get quality results by just copying and pasting. And the advanced AI algorithm will make sure that the content quality is no less than superb.

Also, writers do not have to pay a dime to use the above-mentioned paraphrasing tools. So, it’s a win-win for writers to do their work smartly through these tools.


In a nutshell, we have discussed the three best paraphrasing tools along with their features that generate 100% unique content and are absolutely free to use.

Read the entire article and pick the best one for your work.