The Best Marketing Automation Tools in 2021 to Generate Leads

In today’s era of fierce business competition, small businesses and startups must use marketing automation tools. Such tools enable companies to make great progress in less time with fewer resources and investments. Most of these automation tools are also quite inexpensive and affordable

You may already be paying your Netflix monthly subscription fee as well as the fee for cox gigablast internet for your personal entertainment purposes.

It makes complete sense to dedicate some amount of money to subscribe to marketing automation tools that you can use to attract consumers. Not only can this helps get leads automatically, but also convert them into successful sales. Following are some of the best marketing automation tools in the market you should know about:


Zoho provides many services to its clients from resource management to email marketing and data collection to lead generation. With Zoho, you can easily create an online marketing campaign to generate automated leads. Create a client journey on the platform to perform marketing activities. Zoho’s customer relationship management platform allows users to not only document marketing activities but also manage and develop strategies to convert existing leads into sales.

You can use the tool to scan business cards and upload the data instantly into a database. It can also record stats related to website visitors. The platform also provides data such as email marketing, bounce rate, click-through rate, and more. This automated email marketing tool can easily help you get access to a lot of subscribers in no time at all.


DrumUp is a great platform to manage social accounts. Reach out to your audience and create new leads. With the help of the tool, you can schedule your social media posts way ahead of time.

The good news is that the platform works well for accounts present on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This means that you can use the platform for both B2C and B2B marketing purposes. You can use the platform to search for relevant data for your niche.

You can also get access to relevant tags and mentions on the platform. This will enable you to get good coverage on any social media platform.


GetResponse is an excellent tool for email marketing purposes for existing clients. While it is important for businesses to focus on getting new clients, it is even more important to retain existing ones. This is because existing clients remain loyal, returning, and understand the company’s values. A company’s financial success is better determined by the number of returning orders than its number of new customers.

It is quite difficult for beginners to create email marketing templates. However, this tool comes with many templates present in a library by default. You can simply go to this template library to select a template for your campaign. Once you have done this, add content to the mail and conduct A/B testing. Once you finalize your email marketing campaign, feel free to send it out.


InfusionSoft is a very important tool for automated lead generation. This tool is quite helpful in the final stages of converting a lead to a successful sale. The tool allows users to make a payment easily. This means that you can keep your leads satisfied and prevent them from changing their mind at the very last step. You can use the tool to create contact management, follow-up with clients, communicate payment details, and bill your clients. 


Socedo can help you generate many leads from social media platforms. This tool comes with very good analytical features and can analyze customer behavior on social media networks. Once you know what your customers are looking for, you can create better marketing strategies to get new clients and retain existing ones. You can also create email marketing campaigns on the platform. With them, generate automated leads and convert them to successful sales.

With the help of the above marketing automation tools, you can generate leads easily. Not only that, but you can also convert them to successful sales with the help of remarketing.