The 10 Best Graphics Design Tools to Use in 2021

The best graphic design software and tools offer multiple benefits. While the best creative design tools may not come at affordable prices (as opposed to a great combo of Call Spectrum that you can find at competitive prices), they are of great utility when it comes to building your skills.  

No matter whether you’re looking for an industry-standard graphics design software or in search of a free alternative, you will find the best of both on this blog. We’ve compiled a list of the best graphic design software and tools in 2021. Keep reading to explore the options.  

Adobe Illustrator 

When it comes to working with vectors, none can match the capabilities of Adobe Illustrator. This utility hit the market 34 years ago and continues to dominate the graphics design industry to this very day. Adobe Illustrator packs a great combination of versatility and power. No task seems to be impossible for the tool, whether it is a simple design or multi-layered artwork.  

Adobe Inc, the makers of Adobe Illustrator, released the latest update back in April. The new update enables the tool to run smoothly on the latest M1 Macs. Moreover, it lets you work easily with detailed projects. The best thing about Adobe Illustrator is that it has an app for the iPad. What’s more, you can easily transfer your semi-finished tasks to your desktop computer for final touches.  

However, you cannot use it if you haven’t subscribed to the Creative Cloud. This is the only downside that may make some people turn away from the product. Other than that, Adobe Illustrator is a great graphics designing tool with some amazing features. And one more thing, it is available on Windows as well.  

Affinity Designer 

There’s no denying that Adobe Illustrator is an expensive graphics designing software. It might even be too expensive for many people. But when price becomes the deciding factor, you can go for the next best alternative. And we’ve got just the right alternative for you in Affinity Designer. This graphic design software from Serif is the closest product to Illustrator.  

Though Designer lacks some features of its more expensive counterpart, that doesn’t stop it from offering additional features like one-million-plus-zoom and infinite redos. Moreover, it lets you create both PSD and AI files. Speed is another factor that makes a convincing case for Affinity Designer as the next best alternative to Adobe Illustrator.  


Sketch is a great graphics design tool for those not too keen on versatility and power. The application lets you perform simpler tasks like creating icons and designing prototypes with ease. The best thing about Sketch is that it provides a streamlined set of tools. This makes Sketch a great choice for learners and web developers. However, it is important to note that Sketch only runs on Macs, which may put some people off.  

Gravit Designer 

There are many reasons to thank the makers of CorelDRAW, one being Gravit Designer. Yes, Gravit Designer is another product from the people behind Corel. It packs great power and comes with multiple features. Gravit Designer is the go-to for many creatives due to its intuitive interface. Moreover, it has pretty much all the tools to create vector graphics.  

Features include text engine, blending modes, multiple fills, and non-destructive booleans. The best thing about Gravit Design is that it lets you perform most design jobs with ease. You will find both the online and desktop versions of Gravit Design. Opting for the premium version gives you access to a host of additional features, though the free version allows you to perform many tasks.  


Looking for a graphics design tool that is easy to learn? Don’t worry, use Vecteezy. You will be glad to know that Vecteezy comes with good vector tools that you can customize as per your requirements. It is surprisingly powerful for a free vector editor. Other features include keyboard shortcuts and advanced transformations. However, you will have to create an account to save your tasks on Vecteezy. What’s more, the utility has a pro version that comes with additional resources and tools.  


Creatives who collaborate on different projects will have a great time using Vectr. Apart from being a free graphics design software, Vectr features a variety of tools. Moreover, you can use fonts, filters, and shadows to perform everyday design jobs. The best part, it lets you collaborate and synchronize your tasks so you can receive feedback on the go.  


SVG-Edit is a great tool for creating and editing SVG files. It is designed using JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. It features a standard vector toolset that allows you to create or export designs and images. The best thing about SVG-Edit is that it is easy to use.  


Inkscape is another tool for creating SCG files. It is one of the graphics design software that is free and easy to use. It comes with pretty powerful features like alpha blending, object cloning, and markers. Moreover, it lets you import illustrator files. Also, you can trace bitmap images using Inkscape. However, there’s a major downside to this tool and that is its slow speed. Inkscape runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.  

Adobe Photoshop  

Adobe Photoshop is the synonym for the most widely used image editor. What’s Illustrator is to vector designers, Photoshop is to image editors. It is pretty much the standard for image work. Whether you design PDFs or touch up photos, Photoshop is your go-to tool. Working designers around the world use Adobe Photoshop because it can do pretty much everything related to image editing.  

Affinity Photo 

Just like Illustrator has an alternative in Designer, Photoshop finds its alternative in Photo. Affinity Photo is a top-end photo editor that comes at an affordable price. Moreover, it comes with advanced features that let you do almost everything, from importing/exporting PDF files to painting and brushing.