Solo Ads VS Push Notifications Ads Which is the best for Premium Traffic?

Do you ever wonder which performs better between Solo Ads VS Push Ads? If you ever thought of this, then today is your lucky day.

Today I will discuss this epic battle of Solo Ads VS Push Notification Ads. You will also learn about Solo Ads, Push Ads, benefits, and, finally, better performance.

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Solo Ads Marketing- How Does Solo Ad Works?

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What Are Solo Ads?

Solo Ads is a type of advertising that is used to reach a narrower target audience. In other words, it can be done through email or other online channels. This type of advertising is usually used by companies that sell a product or service directly to customers.

What are Push Notification Ads?

Notifications Ads are ads that appear in the notification tab on your device. In other words, it is created by ad companies, which use the advertising space to promote their products. Besides, these notifications provide information about deals and discounts. The consumers can also quickly click on the icon to see what offers they have lost out on.

Solo Ads VS Push Notification Ads

In this head-to-head encounter of Solo Ad vs. Push Ads, you will see the benefits of these two strategies.

Solo Ads

An extensive list of subscribers: Solo Ads is ideal for you if you are starting. Because you can get many subscribers.

Guaranteed Traffic to your Campaign: With an active mailing list, subscribers are used to these emails. However, it will get your product or service high visibility to be of genuine interest. This skyrockets the chances of sales and visitors.

Easy to implement: Solo Ads implementation is quite simple and easy. Here, you send emails as your mailing list. It will give you your desired visibility.

Affordable pricing options: Solo Ads come with very reasonable pricing options. In other words, you can negotiate with your seller when buying clicks, mailing lists. You also have the opportunity to agree with your seller, depending on your campaign result.

Push Notification Ads

Better outreach: A 2020 report states, there are 6.5 billion people using smartphones. So, a business using push notification ads has a significant number of potential consumers to showcase their services or products.

Security: Push notifications are controlled by Google API. Thus, it ensures user information safety and prevents third parties from selling customer data.

Higher engagement: A research showed, push notifications boost engagement by 90 percent. Moreover, businesses get a ton of visitors with this strategy.

Valuable Insights: By using push notification ads, businesses can gather valuable insights about their consumers. It will also help them to make future strategies to gain customers.

Solo Ads VS Push Ads, which performs better?

This section will take you to this epic battle, Solo Ads VS Push Notification Ads. In this extraordinary encounter, I will show you which ads strategy performs better.

Firstly, both ads strategies are reasonable in price. But there are some points to consider. You have to buy an email list to get started with solo ads. But many push notification ads providers offer free service if your subscriber is less than 10,000.

Secondly, these ad strategies are fundamentally focused on traffic. You can show your ads to a targeted audience. But there is a simple difference between these ad strategies. 

Solo Ads are more specific to traffic. In other words, you can specifically target an audience. But you can’t be that specific with your traffic in Push Notification Ads. Usually, you show your Push Ads to those who opt-in for these ads in the first place.

Thirdly, the main thing to consider is how much your subscriber list will grow. Solo Ads does a significant amount of work here. With a targeted active mailing list, you can get your fair share of traffic and subscribers with these emails. And believe me, no one put in the labor to “unsubscribe.”

But with Push Notification Ads, there is a bit of concern. Because you can only show ads when the audience wants to see ads. Otherwise, you can’t show them ads. The audience has to visit your site or have to have your app on the phone. After that, if they allow you to show your ads, only then can you show your push ads.

In a nutshell, both these strategies have their benefits but they also come with limitations. However, nothing is perfect. And these two are another sweet example of that. 

They are somewhat similar in their work, also with identical differences. There is nothing like Solo Ads vs. Push Ads. Although they serve the same goal, they are different in implementation, time frame, application, and purpose. 

So, I prefer to consider your needs and choose the strategy that suits your purpose the best.

Final Verdict

Now, we are at the very end of this epic battle of Solo Ads VS Push Notification Ads. But I think you already know what you want to learn. Because the irony is none is better than the other.

These two strategies serve different purposes with a similar end goal. So, now it’s your job to put in the labor and identify which one works for you best. 

If you are still confused to buy traffic for website, don’t be. I am here for you, like always. I will give an example to help you guys a bit. 

Suppose you have an existing business/service and a considerable amount of consumers. So, what do you think? Which best suits your business? In my opinion, you should go for Push Notification Ads. Because you already have an existing customer base who are willing to know more about your products/service. If you want to buy solo ads traffic, then I will highly recommend you Udimi

So, this strategy serves you best. But you should go for Solo Ads to acquire a new one. Because you have the audience, you want to target. So send your promotional emails, and wait for the good it does. And for the pricing flexibility, it’s an excellent option when you are just starting out or building your email list.

Now, I think everything is crystal clear to you. So, decide which one suits you best and get working. And that’s my Solo Ads vs Push Ads in a nutshell.

Good luck and be productive.