Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one the best way to interact with the audience through Social Media Platform. By publishing quality content on social media you can grow your business, brand and drive traffic to the website. The content may be in the form of text, images, audio, video, and infographics. some of the famous social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Youtube.

You can use Social Media Marketing management tools for better management of your business. Buffer is one of the best social media management tools which helps you to improve your Social Media Marketing Strategy for both branding and business growth.

Social Media Marketing


You can get started with social media by publishing amazing content for users related to your business, drive traffic and increase sales. It is a great way to spread content to the users and generate leads. To run ads on social media you can reach the relevant customers for marketing purposes and provide affordable services after that you can convert into regular customers.

You can follow these Five Social Media Marketing Hacks

1. Strategy

First of all, you have to make a Social Media Marketing Strategy before publishing content on that particular platform to increase audience and building a brand. There are many businesses that are running worldwide but all have different- different goals, some businesses want to build a brand or some want to increase traffic on the website. All vary from business to business, but continuous growth is the overall goal of all businesses.

With the help of social media, you can create an online community, generate engagement and serve relevant services to the audience. Think about that which type of content is relevant for your audience, it may be images, text, video, audio, and infographics. Creating a marketing persona is the best strategy to start with social media and doesn’t make it the same forever, you can change this strategy according to the performance of social media posts.

2.Planning and Publishing

You need to be consistent on social media and keep patience on starting time. Publishing content on social media is very simple just like you manage your personal social media profile, but you should focus on future content ideas instead of just creating and publishing content continuously. Day by day Increase your reach on social media by publishing engaging content with the right frequency and timing.

Currently, there are many tools for social media post scheduling which is available in the market like Hootsuite, Buffer, TweetDeck, SocialOomph, Friends+Me, Followerwonk, and Zoho Social. But Buffer is the best tool to use, you can schedule your post on automation according to the time which you want to post your content.

3.Listening and Engagement

Users comment on your post, the message you and tag you in social media posts. Without knowing your brand people will not talk about your business on social media that’s why you should discuss your brand on social media platforms. You can use some tools to check engagement and listening on a social media platform for the growth of your business.

4. Analytics

Apart from publishing content and reaching audiences, You should track your performance on social media to know more details about the user behavior and create content according to the user’s reaction. You can use tools to check the activity of your content on the social media platforms.

5. Advertising

You can run ads on different-different social media platforms if you have funds. With the help of that, you can reach the relevant audience to your niche by doing that you can increase your followers on social media platforms.

Best Social Media Marketing Platforms


Every social media platform has different algorithms and features to use. First, you need to understand each and every social media platform and its working process, then work on it accordingly.

Use of Facebook for Marketing

People use Facebook to chat with friends and post content, but there is limited organic reach. You can run ads to increase your presence on Facebook.

Creating Facebook Business Page

Facebook page is one of the platforms to grow your business by putting niche-related regular content on it. It is the best way to increase your brand identity. You should keep eye on what your audience wants from you, share all form of content like audio, video, images, text and infographics which is relevant to the user.

Facebook Advertising: Classic Ads

By running Facebook ads you can increase Website clicks and likes on content, it is one of the Facebook strategies to grow your business. Facebook doesn’t want to explore data of ad CTRs so that it is difficult to track the performance of your ad.

Use of Pinterest For Marketing

According to the data 459 million active Pinterest users all over the world, by seeing these data think about that what is the potential of Pinterest. it is one of the best social media platforms to grow your audience. You can run ads on Pinterest according to your need. Most of the Pinterest users are female as a comparison to male according to the data.

Use of Twitter for Marketing

Twitter is a social media platform where people used to share their ideas and thoughts with others, people react on that and followers increasing day by day by doing on regular basis. try to answer each and every question of the user and build your followers on Twitter.

Use of LinkedIn for Marketing

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform. LinkedIn Groups is a chance for professionals to interact with like-minded people and share ideas with each other. You can do networking with the right people and able post jobs on LinkedIn.

Use of YouTube for Marketing

YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world, you can create videos, share on youtube and get visibility on that videos. Try to focus on making quality content that is relevant to the user that’s why people interact and there is a high Probability of viral videos.

Use of Reddit for Marketing

Reddit is one of the best Social Media platforms where people share content and drive traffic to the website. Reddit has very large user’s that’s why it has great potential for marketing. With the help of Reddit, you can reach the targeted audience and grow their businesses.

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