PUBG New State: Minimum Requirements, Gameplay And Everything Else You Need To Know

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In this article, we cover the PUBG New State Game, how to Download PUBG New State, and the game application. PUBG Corporation gives good news to fans of the game by announcing a brand new game called PUBG New State. People who like to play such a game, are surprised after the announcement of the game. However, it has left many questions open to gamers such as What’s new in this game ?, What makes it different from the old game ?, and more importantly the question is, will it be found in India who is waiting for a game like or similar to PUBG after a long time ?. To help answer these questions, we review all the official channels for data collection. Here’s what you need to know about the Game.

Users who pre-register for the game will receive a Permanent Car Skin permanently, Depending on the information provided by the game’s official website. The official release date of the game has not been announced by the developer yet, but various reports say it will probably be available to both Android users and iOS users by the end of this year.

Pre-game registration in the Google Play Store seems to be unavailable to the Indian User, and it is unclear whether the game itself will be available once it is launched. The Indian government has banned PUBG Mobile and 100 other apps by contacting China due to alleged privacy violations, and without the efforts of PUBG users and developers to bring the game back to India, the game continues to be banned, and let’s see what happens to the new game. PUBG Mobile has been banned due to China-based Tencent involvement. However, the game in India has not been decided yet.

PUBG New State: Platforms

Like PUBG Mobile, It will also be limited to smartphone users. The game will be available for iOS users and Android users. Pre-registration is already running on Android and you can check that out here. But the opening of the previous Apple App Store pre-registration soon.

PUBG New state game

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The game would feature new weapons, new cars, and drones, among other things, according to a trailer released by the engineer, Krafton in South Korea. This version offers a website dedicated to its users. PUBG: New State is also set to experience powerful gunplay and ultra-reality graphics, according to information shared by the developer on the Google Play Store.

Requirements To Play PUBG: New State

Depending on the information available in the Google Play Store, the game will require Android Marshmallow 6.0 or higher. It also requires at least 2.5GB RAM (Random Access Memory). It is not yet known if there will be a ‘Lite’ version of the lower-end device available or not.

Availability in India

The game is already available for pre-registration in the Google Play Store for android users but will soon be available for ios users based on data provided by the official website, it seems that Indian game players will not be able to join the game. Indian players were told that the game was not available in their country when they tried to register for the game. This is most likely due to the ban on the Chinese app by the Indian government. the fact that PUBG Mobile India does not give permission to release the program in India, it seems that the game will be another game that will not be played by Indian players.

Weapons and its Customization

Weapons look different as seen in the trailer and include SMGs, assault rifles and sniper rifles. We also looked at a future holographic display with a grenade on the official trailer.

However, the availability of the game in the Google Play Store tests players to “carry various weapons with the help of this game and take advantage of these games. It goes on to mean personalizing weapons. This may suggest customizing weapons coming to the game in the coming days. It should be noted that Call of Duty: Mobile also provides detailed wishes for weapons in the form of Gunsmith. It is not yet clear how this will relate to the game.

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