Namecheap Hosting Review 2022

I purchased the Stellar arrangement and tried it to check its speed, uptime and the number of clients it can deal with on the double. Namecheap Hosting Review is very acceptable. To begin with, how about we investigate the plans given by Namecheap.

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Shared Hosting 

Namecheap offers three shared facilitating plans – Stellar, Stellar Plus and Stellar Business. The third one is facilitated on cloud workers that offer more speed. 

In every one of the plans, you get unmetered data transmission, free web designer, free programmed SSL establishment and 30 days unconditional promise. 

Here is an examination between the plans

The workers are situated in the United States. Assuming you need to have your site in the UK, you need to pay $1/month extra.


EasyWP is Namecheap’s overseen WordPress facilitating that offers three plans – Starter, Turbo and Supersonic. Every one of these are facilitated on cloud workers.

Affiliate Hosting 

There are three affiliate facilitating plans – Nebula, Galaxy Expert and Universe Pro. You can purchase any of these designs to have various sites of customers.

VPS Hosting 

There are just two VPS plans – Pulsar and Quasar. You can introduce Cpanel or Interworx on your VPS worker. You get full root access, an unconditional promise and super security.

Heavenly Plan Tests 

How about we get to the aftereffects of the tests that I led on the Stellar arrangement. 


Namecheap facilitating as far as uptime is a chomped down. The uptime for 30 days was 99.95% which isn’t acceptable. On the off chance that your site gets day by day clients constantly, Namecheap isn’t for you.

Reaction Time 

In the event that your significant crowd is from the US, you can utilize this facilitating. The reaction time is acceptable in the US and Canada. In case your site’s guests are primarily outside of the US, you need to rethink.


As you get SSD-based facilitating, there is no trade off in site speed. A default WordPress site loads in 0.9 sec. Assuming you need speed, namecheap review facilitating is for you.

Weight Test 

I sent 20 customers for 2 min on the test site. The working with managed this viably getting only 2 requesting disillusionment. This test was overseen without a store module.

Namecheap Hosting Features 

We ought to explore the most perfect features of Namecheap.

Free Website Builder 

Namecheap offers a free web designer with its web facilitating plans. The web designer is a simple method to construct a site as it requires no coding, simply drag and drop the components to make a website page. 

It offers 200+ premade configuration layouts to browse, moving your current site for altering, a basic intuitive interface, and a responsive plan.


This device by Namecheap makes a reinforcement of your site at ordinary spans. Not exclusively do every one of your sites get sponsored up, yet in addition, your record documents, data sets, email records, settings, and that’s just the beginning. 

How to Buy Hosting from Namecheap? and Business plans. It upholds programmed reinforcements and reestablishes, admittance to reinforcement history and limitless reinforcement extra room.

Great Support 

They give the ticket and live talk support which is very acceptable. I attempted their live visit and got an answer within 30 sec. Pretty speedy right?

Free Migration 

You get free site movement with their facilitating plans. They ensure that your site will be relocated within 24 hours without any more than 15 minutes of vacation. 

In the event that they don’t meet this assurance, or on the other hand, in case you are not totally happy with how your movement was overseen, they will acknowledge your record for the worth of your first acquisition of shared facilitating with Namecheap.

Unconditional promise 

Namecheap hosting review for WordPress offers 30 days unconditional promise on its common facilitating plans. In case you are troubled, you can request them for a full discount within 30 days from your buy.

Free Domain Name 

You get a free space name with all the common facilitating plans. The subtleties are given underneath. 

Heavenly Plan – 

.fun, .have, .on the web, .webpage, .press, .store, .space, .pw, .tech, .site, .organization, .focus, .computerized, .live, .studio. 

Heavenly Plus Plan – 

fun, .on the web, .press, .store, .space, .tech, .pw, .have, .webpage, .site, .organization, .focus, .advanced, .live, .studio, .com (38% off), .business (82% off), .co (84% off). 

Heavenly Business Plan – 

have, .webpage, .fun, .on the web, .press, .store, .space, .tech, .pw, .site, .office, .focus, .computerized, .live, .studio, .business, .organization, .ltd, .arrangements, .com (38% off), .business (82% off), .co (84% off).

Do I Recommend Namecheap Hosting

Indeed and No. Namecheap is the awesome area enrollments, however, their facilitating administrations are useful for fledglings or for individuals who have a low financial plan. Their facilitating plans are financial plans amicable. 

As tried, the uptime was not exactly acceptable. You will improve uptime (up to 100%) on other facilitating suppliers. Consequently, in case you are new to contributing to a blog or beginning a site to test, you can go with Namecheap.

Namecheap Alternatives 

As far as facilitating by value, Hostinger is a decent option in contrast to Namecheap as they have comparable evaluating. Hostinger is one of the well-known and suggested web hostings. Indeed, even this blog is facilitated on Hostinger. 

Another great option can be Interserver. Interserver offers its standard arrangement at just $5/month in which you get every one of the significant highlights that are expected to run a site.

Namecheap Shared Hosting

3 intend to browse. 

Up to 3 sites on the littlest arrangement where most just offer 1 site and limitless on the greatest arrangement. 

Sub-areas range from 30 – limitless. 

All plans have limitless transfer speed. 

A lot of autoresponders, information bases, email records, and email sending accounts, contingent upon your arrangement decision. 

A solid measure of circle space. 

A not insignificant rundown of different highlights that effectively contrast with different suppliers.

Namecheap WordPress Hosting

Overseen WordPress facilitating is a facilitating type explicitly worked to oblige WordPress sites. It is based on top of a cloud stage to convey quick and secure website pages to clients all throughout the planet. 

Base on its cloud-based stage, worker vacation or disappointment doesn’t influence your site uptime, and your assets are not divided between different clients. 

With Managed WordPress Hosting, large numbers of the specialized parts of running a WordPress blog are dealt with by the web have. Like storing capacity, reinforcements, WordPress refreshes, security, speed, and so forth 

You additionally get top-notch upholds from certifiable WordPress specialists that know and comprehend WordPress like the rear of their palm. Maybe then nonexclusive web facilitating support from individuals who read about WordPress on the web.

Namecheap Reseller Hosting

Above all else, you need to get IP locations to guide your own nameservers toward. You can browse them in an email from our Billing group or reach us through HelpDesk all together for our Hosting group to twofold check them for you. 

When you have IPs nearby, you can feel free to enroll the Namecheap Web Hosting Review on your area recorder. 

On the off chance that your area is enrolled with us, follow the rules here. In the event that your area is enrolled with another organization, reach out to them for the nameservers arrangement help. 

Finally, when the nameservers are enlisted, you need to set them up on the worker:

Namecheap VPS Hosting

With a VPS, you open a universe of potential outcomes that would not be conceivable on shared facilitating due to limitations. 

VPS represents Virtual Private Server. This alludes to the parceling of an actual worker into various workers. In actuality, everyone acts very much like a devoted worker, you get every one of the highlights of a committed worker yet at a lower cost. Each VPS has its own working framework, and each can be rebooted independently.

These working frameworks each get a particular portion of the assets of the actual worker, no more and no less, they are detached from one another so one can’t meddle with another. In the event that one VPS encounters issues or attempts to utilize an excessive amount of memory or CPU assets, it has no impact on the others. 

There are numerous benefits to choosing a VPS, it costs not exactly a completely committed worker and gives a lot of opportunity and adaptability over the constraints and limitations of shared facilitating. You are restricted simply by the capacities of the VPS, so select one amazing enough to address your issues. You can generally update later in the event that you choose it becomes fundamental. 

With respect to virtualization advancements, we offer KVM VPS workers.  

Since you should deal with your VPS yourself, we suggest you have a decent comprehension of Linux orders and know about the WHM/cPanel control board. You can get a VPS without WHM/cPanel, yet for this situation, you would have to have exceptionally progressed information on Linux. 

On the off chance that you don’t feel you have the specialized skill important to deal with your own VPS, there is no compelling reason to let that stop you – look at the VPS the board choices we offer.

Namecheap Dedicated Servers

A Dedicated Server is a decent alternative for individuals who have some specialized foundation and can oversee and design the worker all alone. 

Committed Servers are normally used to have high-traffic sites, web applications, and other facilitating situations where execution is fundamental. 

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There are numerous different uses for a Dedicated Server: enormous information, AI, site and application facilitating, reinforcements and capacity, framework virtualization, worker groups, business applications.


Thus, this was the Namecheap Hosting survey for you to choose your decision. Assuming you need great uptime, this facilitating is certainly not for you. Assuming you need more speed, you may consider purchasing Namecheap facilitating. 

In general, go with Namecheap Web Hosting Review– you are a novice, uptime doesn’t make any difference to you, significant guests are from the US, need more site speed, and need moderate facilitating.