How Long Until Youtube Approves A Channel For Monetization?

It’s finally here. You’ve eventually reached the point where your YouTube channel may be monetized. You apply monetization powers and then wait. Finally, you become antsy and wonder, “How long does YouTube take to approve monetization?” Is it a week, a month, or something longer?

YouTube normally takes roughly 30 days to authorize a YouTube channel’s monetization privileges. However, it can take longer if a backlog has accumulated over time. That’s worth noting while seeking monetization, as your channel may not forge cash as rapidly as you anticipated.

Earning money from the videos you create is a fantastic experience. Being compensated for meeting YouTube’s monetization requirements is quite encouraging.

But what are the prerequisites, and what are the potential obstacles while trying to monetize your videos?

YouTube Monetization:

Many YouTube creators want to monetize their channels. And with 90% of consumers discovering new companies and items on YouTube, monetizing your account is practically a no-brainer.

Numerous businesses are capitalizing on the enormous audience, as seen by the high levels of global advertising income. YouTube advertising revenues increased to $19.77 billion in 2020, up from $15.5 billion in 2019.

“Monetize” refers to the strategy of making money from your YouTube videos. YouTube has its creator monetization model, dubbed the YouTube Partner program. You must be a recognized YouTube partner to monetize your YouTube channel.

YouTube Monetization Approval Takes How Long?

As previously indicated, it normally takes about 30 days for most channels to get approved for monetization. However, there are some circumstances where the waiting period exceeds 30 days. That’s most often the case when a backlog of requests has accumulated over time.


When YouTube implemented the approval procedure for the first time, it was a bit of a disaster. Numerous channels were forced to wait months for permission. Therefore, while waiting 30 days can be inconvenient, keep in mind that the approval procedure used to be longer.

There are instances when the approval procedure exceeds 30 days. However, these are extremely unusual.

Prerequisites For YouTube Monetization

People frequently discuss becoming monetized on YouTube but rarely discuss its conditions. What are the conditions for YouTube monetization? How difficult are these conditions to fulfill? How long does it take a typical content creator to meet that standard?

To enroll in YouTube’s Partner Program and for monetizing your videos, you must meet the following criteria:

• 4,000 hours of surveillance

• 1,000 subscribers

These are quite stringent standards. Acquiring 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers is no easy feat. Knowing this, if you want to monetize your videos using Google AdSense, be ready to work hard to meet YouTube’s standards.

By adopting YouTube marketing best practices, you may expedite the process of meeting these standards. Following best practices will help your channel achieve more success, making meeting the YouTube Partner Program standards easier. Once your channel satisfies the criteria, you may apply for monetization capabilities.

Why Can’t You Make Money On YouTube?

Simply reaching the 1,000 Good Youtube Subscribers and 4,000 view hour milestones doesn’t ensure it’ll be accepted for monetization. Several more elements influence a channel’s ability to obtain monetization capabilities.

A channel’s ability to be monetized depends on:

Uploaded content:

YouTube has established criteria that all monetized channels must follow. If a channel violates the established criteria, its videos will be unable to be monetized. These rules are meant to protect advertisers from having their advertising played before dubious material.


Therefore, remember that if you want to monetize your videos employing Google AdSense, make sure your content is advertiser-friendly to maximize your revenue potential.

Copyright (or author’s right):

Numerous YouTube channels produce videos by repurposing already published content. For instance, movies of sports highlights or amusing incidents. These videos are notoriously difficult to monetize, as many contain copyrighted content. YouTube takes copyright very seriously, and you may be refused monetization capabilities if you upload certain types of films.

Another aspect of copyright to consider is the music you utilize in your videos. If you include non-copyrighted music in your videos, this may impair your ability to obtain monetization approval. Typically, this issue is remedied by deleting videos that contain copyright music; however, doing so reduces watch hours, making it more difficult to commercialize.

Channel Location:

Certain nations may require additional time to approve channels for monetization, primarily because specific YouTube materials are only available in particular countries. Few employees are available to assess channels in other nations, resulting in a lengthy approval process.

Should You Make Videos While Awaiting Monetization Permission?

Have you ever questioned whether you should make videos while your YouTube channel is being reviewed for inclusion in the YouTube Partner Program? Or should you hold off on creating new videos till your channel is approved? After all, there don’t appear to be any explicit restrictions regarding this from YouTube.


While you wait to monetize your channel, you should continue to upload fresh videos. As stated, channel acceptance into the Partner Program can take some time. Given this, if you stop generating videos until your channel is monetized, you risk destroying the momentum you’ve established over the preceding months.

Remember that you can sell any content once your channel is monetized, not just new ones. So, any clips you submit before or while seeking acceptance into the Partner Program can be monetized and earn money.