Hottest apps for Crypto-Trading in India

In this article we are going to explain about the Hottest apps for Crypto-Trading in India. Gone are the days of centralized money for it’s time everyone can get a piece of the pie.
With the Reserve bank of India making it perfectly clear that Crypto-Trading is fully legal,
safe to say, if there’s a perfect time to take a dive into the crypto world in India it is now, and what better platform for Crypto-Trading than the comfort of your own mobile phone, so sit back!

With the Reserve bank of India making it, perfectly clear that crypto-Trading is fully legal, so if there’s a perfect time to take a dive into the crypto world in India it is now, and what better platform for Crypto-Trading than the comfort of your own mobile phone, so sit back! and let’s take a ride through the best crypto-Trading apps currently in the market.


It is currently the most popular crypto trading platform in the country especially among the youth, the application has more than a million downloads and an average rating of roughly, 4 out of 5 stars. It is light, compact, user-friendly with minimal vendor charges.

It offers a host of options to buy and sell, crypto, allows users to study the past trends, make analysis, and has a lot to choose from. No wonder the Indian public has taken to it like fish to water.

It has a 0.2% maker-and-taker fee and a minimal token transaction fee. Its only drawback is the high deduction charges in the case of direct bank transfers.


It is the global hot seat for crypto exchange. It has a massive 10 million-plus downloads on the google play store with an average rating of 4.4 stars from about 260k users. It also owns the WazirX platform.

It provides its users supreme user experience. For Indian users, it allows transactions through digital wallets like Paytm and through UPI. It also offers the Binance Academy feature for its users to educate their theoretical as well as working knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

It notifies users about their holdings, information through trading charts and open trades. If you want to become a global crypto player, Binance might just be your best bet.


It is the grand old man of crypto platforms in India. Since 2013 it has been advocating for cryptocurrency in India and has been a massive player since the 2017 surge. It thrives on its excellent customer service and its ability to accommodate a Hindi audience.

It thrives on its robust auto-sell feature allowing users to schedule sales and offers a range of crypto assets for users to choose from. It has a simple fund transfer mechanism and has sound security to offer to its users. It has no maker-taker fee but has a reasonable transaction charge of 0.7% for regular users and 0.5% for premium users. If you wish to play the basic game, unicoin is a great option to go with.


Priding itself to be known as ‘Bitcoin ki dukaan’ in India, with over a million downloads on the play store and loads of satisfied customers, zebpay offers Indian users a safe and secure option.

It has an excellent refer and earn feature to go with its cryptocurrency exploits. It has reasonable vendor charges but even the minimal deposit fee can irritate its users. It can also lag in providing its users the advanced features provided by some of its other compatriots as it thrives on providing only the fundamental features.

It charges a monthly fee for inactive users, while it rewards active users with a reduction in vendor cut. a reduction in vendor cut. It is a healthy option for those wanting to comply with its policies and wants a safe and sound platform to exchange digital assets.

Coin switch Kuber

Perhaps, the company that has spent the most in trying to lure the masses of India to become digital dealers. It has a simple signup process, after that has a simple signup process, after that, it requires KYC information before the user can start dealing with crypto assets.

It has the support of some of the best venture capital firms in the country and is playing a long-term game so digital newbies can be rest assured that even with the freebies and low vendor charges, coin switch kuber is here to stay and dominate Indian.

market. It offers one of the best rates on a wide range of crypto assets but the only concern for its users is its lack of transparency in the security mechanism. It has relatively low vendor cuts and has flexible payment options. It won’t come out as a surprise if in the near future it becomes the apple of the eyes of the
majority of crypto dealers in the country.

In conclusion, it can be said that, if the user has convinced himself that he wants to jump in the cryptocurrency bandwagon the earlier he starts the better it is. All the above options can prove to be a helpful incubator in his digital wealth accumulation.

An app with minor vendor cuts, robust security options, a hoard of options to choose from would be most suitable for any general user. So, if you’re ready to take the dive into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, begin