Google Stack App

Google Stack App

Google developed a google stack app that scans a document and organizes it in a sequence. Currently, the app Is available in the united states for android versions.

Google uses artificial intelligence to make google stack. Users will be able to take a photo of a document, paycheck, ID, receipt, bill, and easily scan it with the help of the google stack application.

There are already many applications available in the market but the stack will automatically suggest a name and right category for your document. Google Stack App Download increases day by day and users love this application which is launched by google.

Stack identify useful information like amount total and dates when you will scan a full document. You will be able to search by title or full text of the document.

In addition, biometric authentication is supported by this app, so you will be able to scan your fingerprint and face when you unlock the app.   

It will also help you to find the old document very easily. It is not perfect right now because it is currently in the experiment phase hopefully it gives better results in the future. 

Google stack ios version is not available right now for the users. hopefully, it will come in the future for ios users. Stack helps people to organize and scan documents virtually like CamScanner and Microsoft Lens. the app is still in the development stage according to the founder of this application.

Users will be able to see additional verification features in this application like fingerprint and face scanning to use this app.

It stores copied data on Google Drive for easily accessible to the audience. Google stack download increases rapidly day by day for android users in the US. If you want to use google stack then go to the play store and download the app if you are from the united states.

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