Google Space How Does It Works

Hello friends, you must know that within a few moments of searching any search query on Google, you get many web pages related to it, which contain information. But do you know that there are some such web pages from which you can have fun with Google?

There are many web programs out there that are a lot of fun. If children come to know about these web programs, then they will definitely spend their time with them. If you need a web program that’s designed to be fun with Google, it’s going to be fun. Today we are going to talk about Google Space in this post. So let’s start without any delay.

What is Google Space?

The first and most important question is what is Google Space? Let us tell you that Google Space is a web program. This web program is published on a web page. The link to that web page is This program has been designed keeping in mind the Zero Gravity Space.

In this web program, you will get to see the complete look of Google. When you visit this web page, the look will be normal. But gradually all the elements that are there will start moving here and there. It seems that there is Zero Gravity. After waiting for some time, the elements will have moved far away from each other.

Google Space trick

Now let’s talk about some tricks. By the way, there are not many tricks for this web program. But there are some tricks. You can show yourself smart by using this web program in front of your friends and relatives.

You can surprise your teacher by using this web program on your school computer. All the elements of Google, the more you bounce them, the more it will run. With this, it will also start rotating in circles. Once a motion is made, there is no need to make a motion again and again. The whole element itself will be from here to there.

its special features

Let us now tell you some special things about this web program. First of all, the special thing about this web program is that the template of the Google homepage has been used in it. The second special thing is that Zero Gravity has been made like space in it.

Due to which the feeling of being in space comes. The third important thing is the way the element falls. The element collapses like it actually is in Google Zero Gravity.

How to use it

We have shared a lot of information about this web program with you so far. Let us now tell you how you can go to Google Space.

  • First of all, connect your device to the internet.
  • After that open any web browser of your choice on your device. It can be any web browser. Like Chrome, Brave, Opera, Firefox, etc.
  • In whatever web browser you have opened, open in that web browser.
  • Now write Google Space in the search bar of and click on the search button.
  • In no time the search result page will appear in front of you. You open the web page at the top.
  • You will now be on the Google Space web program. Now you can totally have fun with Google.

Google Sky

Children and adults all like to watch the sky during the night. The stars and moon at night greatly enhance the beauty of the sky. You would believe it if we told you that you can now watch the entire Galaxy from a web program. There is a similar tool named Google Sky.

With its help, you can see the whole Galaxy with your own eyes. The data/look shown in this is 99% real. By zooming in on it, you can see the stars very closely. You felt like you had come to space.

It also has the option of printing. Which makes it, even more, user-friendly. If you want to see the Galaxy then this is the best place for you. Quite often we can’t even believe our own eyes that we are looking at the Milky Way.

Google Doodle

Have you ever wondered why it is made, what is the need for it? Let us tell you.

It is made on a big event, person, thing. The main purpose of making this is to make people feel that Google is celebrating the things of their country/place with them. Due to which people feel their identity with Google.

Along with this, Google also shows its creative part with the help of Google Doodle and it is also able to show that it is always updated and knows the feelings of the people.

Google gravity

We and you have seen the web program related to sky and space. But there is also a web program that is based on gravity. In this web program, you will get to see the effect of gravity. The name of this web program is Google gravity. In this web program, you will see the look of Google falling towards the ground due to gravity.

If you raise an element, it will also fall again towards the ground. That is why it has been named Google gravity. Some people also want to know that they can use google gravity. I’m feeling lucky together. So the answer is yes. For this, you have to click on I’m feeling lucky by writing google gravity in the Google search bar.

Google Underwater

There is also a web program for water after sky and land. This web program is also very famous. We are talking about Google Underwater. In this, you get to see the look of the sea. In this, Google’s logo and Google’s search bar float. It floats as a light object floats in water.

Let us tell you that the logo of Google is largely in water only. That’s why this web program has been named Google Underwater.

Children like this web program very much. Children also like the web program that we have mentioned above.


So how did you feel about Google Space? Apart from Google Space, we have talked about many other web programs which have been created just to have fun with Google.

You must have liked our information. If you have any questions or suggestions in your mind then you can tell by commenting. By the way, which web program is your favorite? You can also tell this by commenting. Thank you for reading this post carefully. Have a good day.