Free Bulk SMS: Importance Of Bulk SMS Services In Today’s Competitive World(Get 1000 Free Bulk SMS)

Today, people use the web and the internet in almost every sphere of life. This fast-paced communication demands fast and time-saving marketing and promotion for businesses. Bulk SMS marketing service provides an easy solution for businesses to promote new products in the market.

Marketing means the act of advertising, promoting, market research, and selling products and services. This marketing service follows the different types of strategies namely B2B marketing, business to consumer marketing, and mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is a technique to reach a large audience online. Through mobile marketing, you can reach your targeted audience on their mobiles or tablets. Email, websites, MMS, SMS, social media, or smartphone applications are the tools of mobile marketing to reach people. This technique promotes goods, ideas, and services via personalized information.

SMS is a text messaging service for mobile phones. Bulk SMS service plays a vital role in business-to-consumer marketing and mobile marketing.

What Is Bulk SMS?

When more than one message is sent line when thousands of messages are sent all at once, then this technique is called Bulk SMS service. Sending bulk SMS for promoting and marketing products and services is a time-saving process. Bulk SMS promotes our products to a large number of audiences and provides information to our clients and registered customers fast.

Who Should Use Bulk SMS?

Consumer brands, retailers, banks, enterprises, major airlines, travel agencies, media outlets, healthcare providers, and large consumer websites should use bulk SMS for promoting their products and services.

Why Bulk SMS?

Why is bulk SMS so effective and popular among businesses? Though social media and the web are rewarding platforms, bulk SMS marketing service is an amazing medium because you can reach your audience instantly without any barriers. On the other hand, mobile marketing is the cost-effective and easiest technique for promoting goods for businesses.

According to many marketers, SMS is dead. But is it true? The smartphone is owned by eighty percent of the total population at the end of the year 2021. Therefore, businesses, brands, entrepreneurs, politicians have chosen mobile marketing or bulk SMS service to gain mass support. Sending text messages on mobiles or tablets is easy-to-read and non-intimidating.

Aim & Purpose Of Bulk SMS Service

  • Increase customer engagement
  • Promote products and services
  • Deliver urgent notifications
  • Announce important information

Messages should be sent with the customer’s consent. Sending bulk SMS without your customer’s consent is harmful to the reputation of the businesses. Messages should be sent to only those customers, who have requested to get updates from you. So, you must offer your customers an option for the service offering.

Free bulk SMS service enables you to send and receive messages from any website to any contact number all over the world. Businesses must do analytics. Then they should send SMS creating a targeted audience for a better consumer experience.

Business SMS Messaging

SMS marketing uses either SMS shortcode or long number messages. SMS shortcode is executed in five or six-digit number that is used to promote goods and that is easy to remember for customers. Bulk SMS services use shortcodes as you are sending high-volume messages.

Long number messages are useful for marketing purposes because they are cheaper than shortcodes. The long number is executed in 16- number digits, which customers can’t memorize. But no worries. Long numbers can receive replies and can be sent to both international destinations as well as local destinations.

Bulk SMS service not only helps your business in communicating with your existing customers but also widens your customer reach. Thus, your market reach expands, and consequently, your sales increase. Improve your customer experience through free bulk SMS. You will get 1000 free bulk SMS services.

Integrate Bulk SMS Marketing With The Cloud

Today, data solutions are complicated. So, the businesses think that an effective SMS marketing strategy needs heavy equipment and software investment. But the real picture is different. Now, gaining access to consumers is easier and simpler than before.

If you integrate a bulk SMS marketing platform with an existing CRM, it has never been easier. If you don’t possess an account with third party of software, you don’t have to worry. Just set up one account to connect your CRM with your SMS solution.

Benefits & importance Of Using Bulk SMS Marketing

Fast delivery

Bulk SMS service delivers messages very fast. Thus, the messages reach the users of the mobile devices instantly without any hassle. Within just seven seconds a text message reaches its recipients. This kind of fast delivery is possible only through bulk SMS service.

An Efficient Platform

Bulk SMS marketing service offers an efficient platform to influence the customers. Like social media platforms, any news media, bulk SMS service is also an influential medium that acts quite effectively. Why effective?

  • This platform acts in an ultra-fast way.
  • Through this platform, you can reach millions of people.
  • You can enhance your customer support through this platform.

Moreover, you can customize the messages before sending them to recipients. Furthermore, you can deliver promotional and transactional messages to your customers without facing any trouble.

High Readability

High readability is one of the incredible benefits of free bulk SMS service. According to a recent survey, users of mobile devices tend to read text messages instantly. About 97% of the text messages are gone through by the recipients.

Thus, there is no doubt of its effectiveness. High readability can’t be achieved by using any other tool. Only SMS marketing service offers such an opportunity to businesses and brands.

Reliable Platform

Free bulk SMS marketing service is more reliable than other marketing platforms like email. When you send an email to someone, it may reach the recipients through spam or other filters. But an SMS will reach directly to your customers’ inbox without any trouble.

High Conversion

The conversion rate is directly proportional to readability. Higher readability brings a higher conversion rate. That’s why the business enterprises experience proper business growth while using SMS marketing. So, if you want to promote your products or give offers, you can choose this platform because of its high readability and high conversion.

Personalized Message Campaigns

You can target either your whole database of contacts or one individual through the Bulk SMS service. You may also create a sub-group of contacts and send messages. Personalizing messages is an important advantage of bulk SMS services. If you personalize your marketing campaign, it will surely bring success to your business.

Suppose, you want to send some text messages to existing customers and different text messages to new customers. Here, in this case, you can set up templates quickly and easily and customize an SMS each time before sending. Consumers generally respond to that message, which is specific to them. They are more responsive to specific messages than generic messages.

No Barriers To Delivery

Unlike emails, SMS marketing service doesn’t face any barrier to reaching the targeted audience. Marketing emails often are stored in spam filters. The emails can’t reach their intended recipients often. But the scenario is quite different in the case of bulk SMS marketing services. This SMS marketing service is highly reliable because it faces no barrier to delivering bulk SMS to customers.

Minimal Effort By Recipients

One of the important features of SMS is its 160-character length, which forces marketers to send their messages in an easy-to-read way and in a precise way. Brief messages contain the crux of your SMS campaign. So, recipients can easily understand your purpose.

But an email is often not read by the recipients for its length. Therefore, you can’t reach your targeted customers through email. Send an SMS, which is easy to read, understand and respond to. You will achieve sure success.

Cost-Effective Marketing service

Bulk SMS marketing service is an affordable marketing service compared to the price of other marketing platforms namely TV, radio, print, etc. Bulk SMS service is a cost-effective and sustainable option because of its low cost and high return on investment (ROI).

On the other hand, opt-in and opt-out buttons are quite helpful. Though you assume that these buttons may be a disadvantage, these buttons are important as they help to sort out the interested and uninterested customers.

You must target only the interested customers. Thus you can save your time and money, build your reputation as a trustworthy company and stop unwanted marketing. You will get 1000 free bulk SMS also in this service.

Tips To Make Your Bulk-SMS Marketing Campaign Successful

  • Maintain professionalism by avoiding casual talk.
  • Send an SMS that includes only very important information.
  • Don’t overload with excess information.
  • Don’t forget to include your business name in the SMS.
  • A strong ‘call to action” in your SMS will help the recipients to respond more quickly and easily.
  • Your short website link in SMS will leave more space for the text.
  • Send text messages to the targeted audience at the right time. Timing is an important factor. Take advantage of last-minute impulse and help your customers to engage with your brand.

How To send free bulk SMS with the help of a bulk SMS sender?

There are many bulk SMS free apps that easily send bulk SMS to your clients and customers. SMS marketing follows just a few steps with the help of free bulk SMS sender. The steps have been mentioned in the following.

1st Step: Compose your message, which will be sent through bulk SMS free apps.

2nd Step: Select the number of the recipients from your contacts and add them to the list.

3rd Step: Write the message that you want to convey to your targeted audience in the message box.

4th Step: Preview your message.

5th Step: Click the ‘send’ button.

Some free bulk SMS senders are comprehensive with several features while some free SMS bulk senders are basic with minimal features. These free bulk SMS senders are characterized by instant message delivery. They are user-friendly. They use tools for reports and analytics. Many apps send messages regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Bottom Line

Thus to conclude, we may say that SMS or Short Message service is one of the most popular techniques to communicate with people and to promote products. Free bulk SMS service has experienced a rise in the last few years. Most of the advertising, marketing, and transaction-related communication is now possible through SMS marketing service.