CPA Mastery Guide: How To Earn Massively With CPA?

Hey, are you frustrated after reading so many articles and watching videos on the internet and not finding any valuable information about CPA Marketing?, and you still don’t understand what it is exactly?


Do you want to earn good money from CPA Marketing and you are unable to find a nice complete beginner guide?.

Whatever your problem is, you don’t have to worry my friend, because you are at the very right place. By the end of this article, you will know what CPA marketing is?, and how you can earn from CPA Marketing in 2022 as a complete beginner. So keep your eyeballs

on this article and let’s get straight into it!

What is CPA Marketing?

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Let’s start with knowing about CPA Marketing.

Imagine sitting on your sofa at your home and you get money every time someone downloads an application or enters your email on a website. Isn’t this crazy? This is similar to what you can do with CPA marketing.

The abbreviation of CPA is Cost Per Action. It is a type of affiliate marketing.

“It is a marketing technique where you make money based on your commission, by someone’s actions like, downloading an app or signing up for a website etc.”.

As the name suggests, we make money per action in CPA.

For Example:

If you promote a website and people go to the website and sign up for the website through you, then you will make money by their small action of signing up.

Can You Earn Massive Money with CPA Marketing?

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Yes, you can earn massively through CPA Marketing just like you can earn from Affiliate Marketing and Crypto currency. It just depends on the actions that someone does through your link. People are making a lot of money through CPA. If you want to make money through CPA then you should have an audience or people to do actions from your referral.

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Before you start to know how CPA Marketing works, you should know about affiliate marketing, because CPA Marketing is a marketing model of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing includes an Affiliate Marketer( You), The companies who want to sell a product or service( The Advertiser) and a Network(It is like a bridge to connect Affiliate Marketer and advertiser). The Affiliate Marketer promotes a product or service of the company and for every person purchasing the product or service the advertiser makes a sale and the affiliate marketer(You) earns a commission.

Now similarly, In CPA Marketing we have an Affiliate Marketer (You), an Advertiser ( who wants to sell his product or service) and a Network(to connect). But in CPA Marketing, You get paid for some specific actions done by someone through your referral like getting downloads and clicks etc. You get to earn by an Action.

Why CPA Marketing?

If you have a website with a good amount of traffic or maybe a page with many followers and you are thinking of making money, then CPA Marketing is the way to go. It is because when you monetize your website with Google AdSense you generate very low income and if you do Affiliate Marketing you only get paid when someone purchases from your referral. So, the chances of making money are low there.

But in CPA you get paid by someone’s action.

For Example:

If someone downloads an app from your referral then you are getting paid for their action, even if the person does not buy any product or service from the application, you are still getting paid. That’s why it is a nice option to monetize your website or page in 2022.

How to Start CPA Marketing in 2022?

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  1. Search for an offer

To start CPA Marketing, you first have to find an offer to promote. You can find many offers on many websites on the internet. Like Maxbounty, CPALEAD, flex offer, peerfly etc.

you should start to find nice offers on these websites. On these websites you will see many offers and you get paid on per lead. You can promote games, other applications or whatever you like.

  • Join a CPA Network

You have searched for offers and you like one of them? That’s great, now you have to join that network to get that offer and to promote the offer. You simply go to the website, fill their requirements and then make an account on the website and start to promote the offers to get your commission.

3. Promoting Offers to get Commission

Now you have found an offer and also joined a network, the main point has come, which will lead you to make money.

Now You have to promote offers that you like. You can promote offers on your website or page.

What you should not promote?

When it comes to CPA Marketing, you will find many offers to promote but you should select only those which are appropriate to promote, you will find misleading content offers but You should only accept the ethical offers.

How to Promote Offers If you don’t have a website?

If you do not have a website or page where you can promote these offers, then you will have to look for paid advertisements to promote the offer. For that you will have to be careful about investing your money and how you can get it back with profit. You should do research on the offer where you can find related people to download it or to get clicks (whatever the offer is).

You can use social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, tiktok etc. Or platforms like Quora, Pinterest etc.

You can also use Google AdWords. Which is an advertisement service by Google or you can use Bing Ads which is an ad service by bing. You can also pay to push ad networks like zeropark, propellerAds to get clicks on the offer.

Whatever you choose to promote the offer, you should keep in mind your investment and how you can double it or get profit out of it. You may get some loss at the start but you should keep on trying with using different strategies. Eventually, you will get your way to generate profit.

What are the Best CPA Networks for Beginners?

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You have learned that What CPA Marketing is, how it works and what are CPA Networks. Now let’s start to know more about the CPA Networks and which Networks are suitable for beginners.

As I have mentioned before, there are many CPA Marketing Networks but some of them have some requirements like: You should have a website to be a part of the Network or You should be a trained person etc.

Some people can meet these requirements but beginners cannot fulfil these requirements. So, here are some of the websites that give approvals to beginners:


CPAlead is the best CPA network for beginners. They don’t have policies like: you should be trained etc. You get instant approval to join the network and then you can start to promote the offers right away. They have lots of offers that you can see on their website. That’s why CPAlead is the best option for Beginners.


Advendor is another CPA network that is useful for beginners. It has really nice rates for new affiliates and really high rates for specific niches like gaming, crypto etc. You can check different offers on their website. Advendor’s approval time is also really fast(24hours). You should definitely check it out.


FireAds is also a great option for beginners to start. It is similar to CPA lead and Advendor. You can get approval very easily. It has a dashboard where you can track real-time clicks and more. It also has a 24/7 help service where you can ask for help if you need it at any time. You should check it out!

So, these were some of the networks for beginners, there are many other CPA networks for beginners that you can find online. The best way is that you do some research on CPA networks and see what suits you the most!


CPA Marketing is a really nice option to make money, both for the affiliate marketer and the company who wants to sell their service or product. To Start CPA marketing you should firstly find an offer and then join a network and lastly you can promote the offer, on which you will get commission. You should have an audience where you can share the CPA offers that you get. You can put it on your website and if you don’t have a website then you should do paid advertisements.

So, this was a blog on CPA marketing. I hope that all of your doubts are clear and you are at least ready to get started with CPA marketing in 2022.

Promise Okwuolise

Freelance Writer (Digital Marketer)