Brave Plans to Launch a New Search Engine Called Brave Search

Brave ready to launch Brave search engine, the company said that it is fully made of by taking care of user’s privacy and this is the main thing to attract users because every user wants to take care of its privacy.

Brave already provides browser services to the user and now it announced to launch a search engine, is called Brave Search. The company believes that more than 25 Million monthly users will be benefitted in the initial days and after that increases after day by day. The company will respect user’s privacy by not tracking or profiling the users who use the brave search service.

Brave Search is not tracking people profile those who use this search engine and in upcoming days brave gives an opportunity for ad-free search and ad-supported search by expanding features of this brave search.

Dr. Joseph M. Pujol is the Head of Tailcat Project who says that the best way to counter Big Tech with its bad habit of collecting personal data of users, which makes brave search robust because brave is not tracking any personal data of users and this makes brave different among all search engines.

The brave search acquired Tailcat, which is an open search engine that does not gather user data like IP addresses or personally identifiable user data.

If you are looking for Web Browsers, Brave Browsers will provide you the option of picking another search engine in the upcoming days instead of offering an in-house option, brave search will be available in other browsers as an option of search engine.

Currently, most of today’s search engines are built by, or depends on, results from Big Tech companies according to the data given by Brave. Brave browser is based on blockchain in which users have to pay to view Ads. the company gives a signal that they use blockchain as a base for upcoming e-commerce initiatives.

The company expects a lot of hope from brave that they come in demand in 2021 to take benefit of the brave privacy model which makes brave unique from all of the search engines available in the market right now.

Brave Search has a smaller index of the web as a comparison to Google. It will try to complete these issue by supplementing algorithms which provides access relevance with anonymous data from the users of the brave search.

Features of Brave Search

  • Brave Search is private so it does not track users’ Ip addresses or profiles.
  • It is user-first: Brave gives the priority user first, not the advertising and data industries.
  • It gives choice to provide options for both the ad-free paid search and ad-supported search.
  • Brave is independent so it believes in anonymized contributions from the community to improve and refine Brave Search.
  • It is transparent so brave is not to use any secret methods or algorithms to bias results.
  • It is seamless so it will provide the best-in-class integration between the search and the browser without compromising its privacy.
  • It is open so it doesn’t believe in walled gardens and, as such, we will provide Brave Search to power other search engines.

In past years Brave has grown significantly, from 11 million to over 25 million monthly active users. In  “Brave’s mission user first is the priority and integrating privacy-preserving search.

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