Amazing Advantages of Using WordPress Multisite Network

WordPress Multisite is a configuration that lets you handle multiple websites and blogs from a single installation. Once you turn it on, you can find this function in every installation of WordPress.

If you are a blogger or a web developer, it is most likely that you are aware of the fact that it is not very easy to use in the beginning. But as you get used to the multiple tools, you realize that it is a strong platform to use for blogging purposes.

Thanks to my fast internet connection to Spectrum packages, I have made full use of the WordPress Multisite in many ways. Here’s how you too can benefit from it…

Easy Accessibility to Various Blogs

What is more convenient: Logging in for every single blog is a waste of time not to mention inconvenient. The best thing about a multisite network is that with the help of a username and password, (even if you are a site admin or the author of the blog), you can reach all of your work with the help of a drop-down list. Although you need an high quality laptop with good Ac adapters for good battery health.

Multi-Website Plugins Configuration

When you are using a multisite network, you will be able to use all your plugins on every website you created, and that too automatically. This is also applicable to the new sites you create, as the plugins will be updated by default. It makes the plugin installation process way easier and saves your time too.

Automatically Tracked Subdomains

This is another awesome feature which you will love. It helps you name your domain based on the already present subdomain. Depending on network websites, the given domain name is a dedication to the subdomain name. This allows you to track back the subdomain to the main domain also.

Multiple Use of Resources

Instead of hosting various WordPress sites at the same time you can use multisite network to bring improvements to the loading time of your website. This will happen because you will be using just one installation and not blocking the data flow. A single installation will handle the whole process.

Easy Multiple User Accessibility

If you are a part of a company that has a large number of employees, using the multisite network can make the user management much easier. You can assign different tasks to different people at the same time, and every task can be accomplished simultaneously, unlike WordPress, where the user can be an editor or a contributor only.

Cheaper and Time-Saving

Your time is precious, and a multisite network makes sure you save it as much as possible. The time spent unnecessarily in logging in and logging out is saved. Also, you could have spent double the amount of internet data while doing so, which could have cost you some extra bucks.

So, the multisite network is time-saving as well as lighter on the budget. You can spend your saved time on other important tasks. You can also work remotely or outside without any disturbance if you have a good ultrabook battery.

Plugins Availability on other Sites

It is now possible to change the theme of your website. While using multisite, you have the option to share themes and plugins with other websites, if you have the host account. This lessens your workload a great bit as just the site admins will have to install the plugins, and all others can easily share them on their sites or subsites.

Single Panel Configuration Settings

This is a helpful choice for the managers as well as the admins. They can access all the advanced configuration settings using a single panel from where they can not only view everything but make quick changes to the interface etc., too. It looks a little bit complicated at the start, but once you get used to it, it makes things way more convenient.

Single Upgrade

This feature is all about convenience. To use the multisite network, you just have to do a one-time up-gradation of your WordPress. So far, this is the most liked feature of multisite that is making it so popular among the users.

Safe and Secure

You must be hearing rumors about multisite network not being a safe option. Do not believe until you try it out yourself. Most of the time, such rumors are from the companies that are attempting to sell their overly busy servers.

You should avoid the trap. I see so many ads every day, but I prefer using Spectrum Internet Only, and that is the same for many years. It is because I trust the company and know that it is safe to use.