10 Great Guest Post Ideas For Your Blog: Get More Traffic And Build Community

Guest posting is a great way to build traffic for your blog. Great Guest Posts also help you grow your community, because you can establish relationships with other bloggers and make some awesome connections in the blogging world.


Using guest posts will also help you gain traction in the search engines, which helps your blog get more visibility. It takes a little bit of work to write the content and schedule it though, so here are ten great ideas for guest post ideas that will help both you and your audience.

10 Great Guest Post Idea Categories

Guest posting offers a lot of opportunities for you and your blog. So, here are some of the most popular categories bloggers tend to use for their guest posts.

1. Industry-specific Posts

A good way to start with guest posts is by focusing on industry-specific posts. This is a great way to showcase your expertise in an area that’s relevant to the audience of your blog. The content will be more valuable to them than just general tips and tricks on blogging, so they’ll be more likely to engage with it.

2. Collaboration

Collaborating with other bloggers can also be a good idea. This type of content serves as an opportunity for you and your partner blogger to connect and build a relationship before going into business together down the line. Plus, it’s always fun when you get to collaborate!

3. How-to Guides

How-tos are usually one of the easiest types of content for bloggers to write about because there’s a set structure for them: lead, body, conclusion, etcetera. They’re also often very informative and helpful for readers who have specific questions about topics like social media strategy or online marketing in general.

4. Interviews

Interviews are another great

The Hottest Guest Post Categories

Guest posts are a great way to add content to your blog. This is because they help you build traffic and establish your authority in the blogging world. If you want to write some guest posts, but don’t know where to start, here are ten hot categories that will help you get started.

1. How-to Articles

These articles could be about anything from cooking tips to how-tos on all subjects, as long as it’s related to blogging. These types of posts can also help attract readers who are interested in learning new techniques for their own blogs.

2. Conversational Posts

If you’re looking for a lighthearted post, consider writing one about something that happened on your day or how you felt during it. These kinds of posts can be really relatable and fun, and they can also go viral if they’re written well enough!

3. “How I Started Blogging” Posts

While these might not be the most popular category right now, they do have a lot of potential for growth in the future as more people start blogging and building an audience online. People love hearing behind-the-scenes stories like this one!

How to Write a Guest Post Tags

Guest posts are a great way to grow your blog, so it makes sense that you’d want to start with a guest post. Here are ten great suggestions for guest post ideas that’ll help both you and your audience:

1. Write about something new.

2. Write about your expertise.

3. Share a personal story or anecdote that’s relevant to the topic at hand.

4. Be funny! Humor is always a crowd-pleaser on blogs and social media platforms alike, Local Business Listing Services and will also help you establish rapport and build trust with your readership in general.

5. Offer up an opinion piece that raises awareness of an issue you’re passionate about, such as feminism or politics, or share an article from someone who had an interesting perspective on the subject matter you’re writing about.

6. Provide advice for people who have questions about what they should do next in their lives—this could be anything from career advice to travel tips to beauty tricks to relationship advice (this one is pretty broad).

10 Helpful Tips for Guest Post Success

1. Choose a topic that will provide value to your audience.

You want to give something of value to your audience, so you need to choose a topic that will be applicable for your blog’s readers. If you’re writing for a blog about motherhood, then it may not be the best idea to write about spa weekend getaways.

2. Create a persona that people can relate to.

If the topic you’ve chosen is relatable, then people will be more interested in reading your post and commenting on it. Think of the personas you’ve created in other posts and use them as inspiration for what an ideal guest poster would be like.

3. Share insights from experts in your industry.

Experts within your field are going to have valuable opinions on different topics related to that industry, which is why connections with those people are important when writing guest posts (assuming they’re willing to share their knowledge with you!). Give them some credit and share their insights with your readers!

4. Find a writer who has experience writing for the blog or website you’re posting on before contacting them about contributing content for your own blog or website.

Writing experience will help the writer produce quality content without any issues or delays, which

10 Things to Remember When Writing a Guest Post

1. Know what you want to write about

2. Keep it fresh and relevant

3. Write with the audience in mind

4. Make your blog post exclusive

5. Offer a giveaway or incentive for your guest post

6. Use pictures and videos

7. Share your guest post on social media

8. Ask for feedback and help from the person you’re guest posting for

9. Follow up after you’ve published your guest post to make sure you get proper credit for the content you’ve provided

10. Take care of yourself; remember that this is work, because it is!

10 Questions You Should Ask Before You Write a Guest Post

If you’re considering guest posting on a blog, ask yourself some questions.

1. What’s your goal?

2. Who is the best person to write this piece?

3. What are their qualifications?

4. What is their current post about?

5. How will their audience react to my article?

6. Is there a time limit to this article?

7. Do you have permission to use content from the website for your post?

8. Can you get permission to use content from other websites in your guest post?

9. Will the blog publish an excerpt from my article if I agree to give them one of mine (and vice versa)?

10. How long was it between when they asked me and when I actually accepted the offer?

10 Ways to Get More Traffic for Your Blog.

A lot of people agree that the best way to get your blog noticed is to consistently put out high-quality content. What’s better than following your own advice?

1. Write about a topic other than your own blog

2. Write about something that relates to your audience

3. Research topics related to your audience and write about them

4. Include strong calls-to-action in your guest post that will entice readers

5. Promote your guest posts on social media and through email marketing programs like Mailchimp and Aweber

6. Create an infographic for the article you’re writing about and include it as one of the main images on the article’s page

7. Offer a giveaway or discount code in exchange for an email address or follow on social media

8. Have a list of resources at the end of the article so readers can continue their education on the subject they just read about

9. Add a resource box where you mention some links people can click on to learn more about what you’ve written about

10. Create an infographic for said list of resources at the end of the article, but don’t use too many words in it